Survival Guide:
Your 30 Day Lifeline to Healing

Are you battling a health crisis?

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Watch & learn

In each course, I will coach you and teach you what I have learned about the miraculous in the last 30 years as a pastor. 

Apply to your life

I will help you apply Biblical principles to your life by giving you devotions, activities and other resources.

See the transformation

When you invest in yourself and do the work, you'll see incredible transformation take place in your life!

"I enjoyed the course and learnt how my wrong believing has held me back from receiving God's best for my life. I know that I am healed and will continue to watch the sessions to pick up on keys that I may have missed, no matter how long it takes I will walk in Divine Healing."

Survival Guide: Your 30 Day Lifeline to Healing

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Change your heart, change your life!

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