About Miracle Channel Courses

Miracle Channel Courses is a place where Christians can go to learn and grow. It is an online school with a growing list of courses available, giving you the opportunity to study directly under Leon Fontaine, Senior Pastor of Springs Church (one of the largest churches in Canada) and CEO of Miracle Channel. 

Leon has a powerful and practical teaching style that empowers people to be led by Holy Spirit in their everyday lives and, at the same time, gain influence with the people in their world like never before. 

Miracle Channel Courses will give you access to exclusive, in-depth biblical courses on a variety of topics such as healing, leadership and living a Spirit Contemporary Life. Each course is designed to move you one step closer to living your best life—the life God wants you to have!

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Miracle Channel - miraclechannel.ca
Leon Fontaine - leonfontaine.com



About Miracle Channel
Miracle Channel is Christian media that is making a difference. Since 1996, Miracle Channel has been the first and only all-Christian TV station to broadcast in Canada. By airing a wide variety of programming from popular ministries around the world, we have built a community of loyal viewers who turn to Miracle Channel for encouragement and teaching as they pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus.

As the media industry shifts to online streaming and interaction, we are focusing on new initiatives such as online video, online courses and social media. Meanwhile, our core mandate has stayed the same: to provide encouraging, educational and inspirational Christian content to our audience. 

Miracle Channel is a not-for-profit ministry that relies heavily on donations to operate. We greatly appreciate our community of donors that see value in our ministry and choose to support us financially.



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